Sunday, March 6, 2016

Some critters

Update Oct. 2016 We have a majority of plants going to seed. One reason we like this time of year are the migrant birds that stop by for a quick lunch. Here is a nice example of some
Lesser Goldfinch (Carduelis psaltria) feeding on some very dry San Diego Sunflower, and Hooker's Primrose.

26 May, 2016
We just saw today that the yard had recruited a female Western Fence Lizard. She seems pretty hefty so we hope she is gravid. We have not had these in the yard for over 10 years. That is when a young king snake moved in and ate them all.

One goal was to create a place that would attract and support critters. These are a few examples. These sphinx moths are a bit of insect porn. They stayed coupled for over 24 hours. If you only get one chance, make it count. 
She's ready to lay eggs on the Datura.
We have an Arroyo Willow that attracts breeding Mourning Cloak Butterflies
There are sometimes hundreds of caterpillars.
Some arrive pretty beat-up.
Fewer than 1 in a hundred eggs make it to the next season.

About a year old.

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